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5 easy ways for dandruff treatment

Easy to adopt ways to help hair become healthy, strong and dandruff free. Follow these easy methods to reduce dandruff and itchy scalp problems, without having to undergo expensive dandruff treatment.

Reviewed by - Dr. Vinti Puhal (B.A.M.S)

Everyone wants beautiful healthy hair, which is dandruff free and lustrous. But often dandruff flakes and an itchy scalp, redness and itchiness leads to hair becoming and look dull, dry , prone to breakage which becomes unhealthy hair.

Causes of dandruff -

While dandruff can affect anyone, but certain factors can make a person more prone to it -

Poor hygiene- Failing to maintain good hair hygiene can lead to accumulation of dead skin cells and product buildup on the scalp. This gives bacteria and microbes the perfect environment to thrive and causes problems like scalp infection and dandruff. 

Improper diet- A diet lacking essential minerals and vitamins can also lead to dandruff. Vitamin B complex, omega fatty acids and zinc for healthy and nourished skin. Lack of water further aggravates digestive and nutritional issues.

Age-Dandruff usually begins in young adulthood/ puberty when the body is in a state of change and hormonal changes occur. This problem often continues through middle age. That doesn't mean older adults don't get dandruff as this problem can be life long for some people.

Being male-Dandruff is more prevalent in males than in females.  Especially those men  who have acne or oily skin also tend to have more problems with dandruff. 44% men are likely to have dandruff vs. 33% women.

Stress-Stress is known to affect the nervous system and also weaken the body’s immunity. When this happens, the body produces excess sebum, and the lowered immune defense allows bacteria and fungi to grow. This results in dandruff in the scalp.

But did you know – that dandruff can be controlled by 5 easy habits. Follow them regularly and see the difference in your hair. Read on and adopt these in your daily life to keep dandruff away and prevent recurrence.

5 ways for dandruff treatment / solution for dandruff 

#1 Use the right hair care regime : Ayurveda offers a range of natural medicines that can be applied topically and taken orally to remove dandruff and balance ‘pitta’, ‘vata’, ‘kapha’ dosha’s in the body. These ayurvedic treatments for dandruff or dandruff treatment or solution for dandruff will help relieve the itching and dryness by nourishing and detoxifying your scalp. Incorporating or eating herbs/ herbal extracts like that of neem , anantmool and haridra helps in ensuring the right internal health, while ayurvedic hair oil (anti dandruff oil) and ayurvedic shampoo / herbal shampoo (anti dandruff shampoo) take care of the issue externally.

 #2 Avoid sharing combs and brushes : We all do forget our hair care products sometimes, and then borrow from a friend or relative, (while this is fine in case of emergency), refrain from sharing your combs and brushes regularly as that can hamper the quality of your hair. Want to know why? When you comb through your hair, the teeth of your comb may carry the dirt and oils from someone else’s hair to yours. This transfer can cause issues and infections — one of them being, dandruff !  

#3 Make sure to rest  - When you are leading a busy, hectic life & haven’t taken a step back and are continually on the move, your stress levels are bound to shoot up and this can create an imbalance in the normal functioning of the body and immune system — thus, increasing stress can also increase your risk of getting dandruff. So much so, a spike in tension can make existing dandruff worse or it can trigger the condition of dandruff. So, taking some time off & taking a break is the best way to prevent it. 

#4 Cover up (your head) while traveling   - While travelling, most of us want to look stylish and happening. But while your airport look may get lots of social media likes and comments, your scalp without a cover is getting exposed to all those germs! Which can soon be a breeding group for infectious dandruff, plus the change in temperature can also trigger the flakes. After all, the cold and the harsh weather strips away all the moisture from your hair, drying it out and increasing the risk of dandruff. 

#5 Eat well and keep your gut healthy – When dandruff is persistent, it is usually a sign of yeast-overgrowth elsewhere in the body, particularly the gastrointestinal tract. One of the ways to solve and prevent dandruff and itchy scalp is to ensure a diet that is balanced, nutritionally optimum, rich in fresh vegetables and fruits. Also including a good fibre and probiotics will ensure a healthy gut. Drinking Adequate amount of water also helps in keeping the gut healthy. 

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