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Reasons for Hair Fall

Understanding the reason for hair fall / hair loss and what the best hairfall solution can be. Knowing more about hair fall and reasons for hair loss to be able to choose the best cure for hair loss, best hairfall solution, best products for hair growth and thickness. 

By: Dr Neena Sharma (M.D. Ayurveda)

Hair fall, Alopecia or Khalitya as per Ayurveda, occurs when there is an internal disturbance in the body. Hair fall is the symptom of an underlying issue and hence it is important to understand the root cause to effectively treat the same. According to Ayurveda, hair health depends upon the balance of the three doshas - Kapha, pitta, vata, and the health of the asthi dhatu (bone) and rasa dhatu (lymph). The overall condition of our health defines the overall condition of our hair – if we are internally unhealthy, then our hair will reflect the same. It will be limp, rough and we may have excessive hair fall. Whereas , if we are well and healthy at an overall level, it is probably also reflected in our hair which will be shining, smooth, with volume and bounce. So, the products for hair growth or the best hair fall solution must be based on an understanding of hair structure and anatomy. Even the best products for hair growth must be based on the same.

Ayurvedic solutions to prevent hair fall helps in creating a balance between all the elements by following a proper routine. It is normal for a person to lose 30-80 hairs per day, anything more than that regularly can become a cause of concern. There could be several reasons why one is losing hair. Nutrition, metabolism, hormonal changes, and stress are only a few of them to list. Our modern-day lifestyle also accounts for a major reason for hair fall - irregular sleep patterns, improper diet, excessive travel, hard water, pollution, and covid - all of this harm our overall hair health. 

Hair fall is seen in classical patterns in men and women. Male pattern hair loss is seen as receding hairline and formation of bald patch at the crown of the health. The female pattern of hair loss is characterised by wider area in the hair parting area and hair thinning – which leads to scalp being visible. Many people believe that there is no way to prevent hair fall, and eventually baldness will have to be accepted. But this is wrong. Hair fall can be delayed, reduced and treated if a proper regime is followed.

A recommended regime for reducing hair fall is to use the right solution plan, with the right diet, adequate hydration and sleep. Follow the regime below to solve hair fall problems. This regime works well for all – men and women, across age groups and doshas.

Use the right treatment plan – have a plan which works on hair holistically. This means you should use the correct products externally and supplement it with the right nutrition internally. The best products for hair growth and thickness offer a complete regime.Use a cooling oil like the Neem Ayu Anti Hair Fall oil (or any Neem Ayu Oil) to regularly massage the scalp. Ayurveda recommends head massage or abhyanga as a great technique to calm the mind, reduce stress, boost circulation of blood to the scalp and strength hair roots and shafts.

Use a gentle cleanser or shampoo like the Neem Ayu Anti Hair Fall Shampoo (or Neem Ayu Anti Dandruff Shampoo). This conditioning shampoo removes excess oil, opens pores, thus enabling flow of nutrition to the hair. It is sulphate free and paraben free (free from sulphate and paraben) and is thus, gentle to the hair

Along with external application oils and shampoos, good hair health needs the right internal nutrition. Using a supplement like the Neem Ayu Anti Hair Fall Capsule (neem ayu capsule) helps detoxify the body, improve liver function, provides the right vitamins and minerals like iron, calcium etc.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables and reduce intake of processed foods. A diet which is seasonal, based on local produce and freshly cooked helps provide the body with the desired nutrition. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water per day. Supplement with fresh juices, nimbu pani etc. Avoid excessive tea and coffee intake.

Adopt practices like meditation / yoga/ pranayama to improve your internal health, reduce stress and help your hair shine. A less stressful mind leads to a healthier body which means better hair. Make sure to get adequate and good quality sleep. The body goes into a repair and rejuvenate mode which helps in overall hair health.

Remember, a healthy lifestyle along with right products is the best cure for hair loss , in other words- the best hair loss treatment is to follow a healthy lifestyle.

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