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Causes for dandruff in men and good dandruff solution

Why does dandruff occur in men? The causes for dandruff and dandruff solution/ dandruff treatment at home pointers.
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By: Dr. Neena Sharma (M.D. Ayurveda)

Dandruff in Men: Causes and Care

Dandruff is called Darunaka by Ayurveda. The name refers to the difficult-to-rid white flakes on our head that are accompanied by itching. Dandruff affects half of the world’s population. Yet, men tend to suffer from dandruff more than women. Let us explore why men get dandruff and how they can care for their hair and scalp to deal with this menace.

Why Do Men Get More Dandruff?

  • Fungal Infection – The fungus Malassezia Globosa has been found to be responsible for causing dandruff.
  • Changing Seasons – Different seasons affect dandruff differently, with Winter being one of the worst times for dandruff patients.
  • High Stress – Stress does not cause dandruff, but stress can aggravate the condition. Stress increases oil production in the scalp and lowers immunity, both of which can lead to increased dandruff.
  • Poor DietA diet with unhealthy foods, alcohol, and tobacco consumption can trigger an increase in dandruff.
  • Sebum Production – Studies have shown that men produce more sebum than women. Sebum is the oily substance produced by sebaceous glands in the scalp to hydrate and protect the scalp. Sebum is also what the Malassezia fungus feeds on to thrive, so higher sebum production could be the cause for men having more dandruff.
  • Genetic Factors – Scientists are now considering that higher incidence of dandruff could be due to genetic factors, which means that genetic factors might also be responsible for men getting dandruff more frequently than women.
  • Certain Diseases – Some diseases like Parkinson’s and other neurological disorders can increase risk of dandruff. Many of these diseases are more common in men than in women, which adds to men being affected by dandruff more often and more acutely.

How Men Can Deal with Dandruff

Ayurveda says that dandruff is the result of imbalance in all three Doshas of Vata, Pitta, and Kapha. Therefore, it recommends both internal and external care for treating dandruff.

  • Hair Hygiene – Since sebum build-up is more in men, men need to be especially careful to maintain hair hygiene. You should not share combs or brushes, should not itch your scalp when it scratches, and should use a mild, chemical-free shampoo to cleanse your hair regularly. A paraben and sulphate free medicated Ayurvedic shampoo like Neem Ayu Anti Dandruff Shampoo is immensely useful in such cases.
  • Reduce Stress – There are many ways to reduce stress healthily. You can meditate or do yoga. You can listen to calming music or exercise. You can spend time practicing a hobby. Or you can take Ayurvedic supplements that help bring down your stress and anxiety.
  • Lifestyle Changes – Overall lifestyle changes are also necessary to keep the scalp healthy and dandruff free. Getting enough sleep at night, avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and staying physically and mentally fit all contribute to preventing or reducing dandruff.
  • Oil Massage – Using medicated oils like Neem Ayu Anti Dandruff Oil to massage your head can help to pacify the Dosha that is out of balance. It can also nourish your scalp and improve circulation, all of which contribute to fight dandruff.
  • Nutritious Diet – A nutritious diet is important for building up the body’s immunity to fight health issues including a Malassezia infection. A balanced diet can also help to keep the Doshas in balance. Certain foods and herbs can also help to reduce the impact of genetic or neurological factors in dandruff increase. You can also take supplements rich in beneficial herbs like Neem Ayu Anti Dandruff Capsules to work alongside your healthy diet in reducing dandruff.

Although both men and women can be afflicted by dandruff, the ways and the reasons it affects both genders are slightly different. If men consider the causes of their dandruff while adopting a holistic approach to its treatment, they can get more impactful results.

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